RSVP instructions

My spies in Tokyo tell me that the invites have started to arrive in mail boxes.  For RSVPs we have decided to be environmental and save some trees by making all replies electronic.  For this there is a simple two step process.  MJ and Kristen have done a heap of work to ensure this process as painless as possible - even if you have never signed up to a website before. 

Firstly, sign up for membership by clicking;

RSVP sign-up

Just enter an email address and set yourself a username and password.  Please make sure that I will recognise you but by all means be creative with your usernames and screen names.  This email address will stay under lock and key and you can safely enter it - I will only send essential emails.

You can become a member and represent a significant other/children.  Or you can all sign up individually.  Either will work fine. 

Give me a day or so to activate your membership.  I am moderating all members to keep out any riff-raff. 

Once you are activated you will can then log into the members area. 

Member Log in

Here you are presented with the option of accepting or declining.  We did send many invites to people who I know are not able to make the Tokyo shindig so please don’t be shy.  Remember that there is the Australian wedding coming up so as you are a member, we have you on our database for updates. 

After you have RSVPed (is that a verb?) you have a few text fields to fill in with names of everybody who are planning on joining us - don’t forget your own name.  If there are others in your group who are not able to make it, just put their names in the notes section at the end of the page.  Please include the food preferences/allergies or any other concerns for catering purposes. 

For overseas visitors, there are some extra sections to fill in to let us know your arrival dates, accommodation etc. 

We are trying to make sure that everybody will enjoy the day as much as we plan to, so letting us know these details will ensure this.  If you don’t speak up now, don’t whinge at me if you are vegetarian and you get served the fois gras

The text box is for sending love notes, asking questions or anything else you wish to share.  Good comments will be posted on the blog for all to see. 

If it is all too hard, just drop us a note by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and sending an email.

We thank you in advance for helping us keep everything organised and the trees thank you too. 


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  • Hi to both, with all that you are doing on this site its a wonder that you have time to arrange the wedding. It is absolutely great, I just love it. Have past the site onto Cristy and Jodie so they can follow events too. Love to both see you soon

    Location: Aust
    09/03/26 07:29 PM
    • Love you guys!

      Location: Nakano
      09/04/03 05:39 AM
      • Hello gorgeous people

        We feel the love - thanks so much for our invitation to the big event. Would love to be there…but unfortunately we will be staying put on this side of the Pacific. Any chance that you will be broadcasting the wedding live!?


        Location: San Francisco
        09/04/22 11:12 AM
        • Hello beautiful,

          We would love to have a live webcam set up but we have so much else to organise we may not get to it.  Of course if we do, we will alert via this blog.

          It is on the wish though.


          09/04/24 06:48 AM
          • Hey Tracey & Ash
            Well the BIG weekend has arrived. It only seemed like yesterday that I visited you guys and a week later you announced your engagement, didn’t know I had that effect on people grin
            Just wanted to wish you both the very best for your beautiful Sunday wedding and also the very best for the rest of your lives together.
            Remember I will be thinking of you both on Sunday but will be looking forward to the second BIG day back in Adelaide.

            Location: Brisvegas
            09/05/14 04:22 PM
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