From Stuart

Fantastic YouTube Video he put together from his snaps yesterday.

OK - try this link.

Thanks Stu


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  • Sorry, it was a quick throw together.  I do hope you like it though.  smile

    09/05/18 12:21 PM
    • Oh, yeah.  What a beautiful wedding it was!!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful moment in your lives!!!

      Here’s to many happy years together!!!

      09/05/18 12:22 PM
      • OH, gorgeous. SO hapy I got to see you guys making your vows - I was crying along with you, Tracey! Love youz !!! xoxoxo

        Location: Port Douglas
        09/05/18 04:02 PM
        • Thank you Stu, this really was a fantastic way to let close friends around the world see our wedding. Thank you!!
          Aya will be giving us another video soon so stay tuned.


          Ashman aka Groomzilla
          09/05/20 10:40 AM
          • Well, I am a little aggravated. YouTube snatched the audio from the video.  ARGH.  I will have to see about hosting it on my site.

            09/05/20 10:52 AM
            • Well, hmm… Ok, I sent a dispute today and I guess the put the audio back.  HAHA.  Cool!!  :D

              09/05/20 11:14 AM
              • Thank you very much because we have been able to direct our numerous friends and relatives to this site to view the wedding. Many, many thanks. Barbara

                Barbara Northcott
                Location: Gold Coast, Australia
                09/05/23 12:35 AM
                • Hi Folk.  I am terribly sorry.  It seems that youtube is being quite rediculous with their copyright deals.  Anyway.  If you can please visit here and you can see the video with sound.

        ; Wedding 05_17_2009 19-33-37.mp4

                  09/05/23 10:11 AM
                  • Tracey dear could you please fix the link above.  Thanks

                    09/05/23 10:16 AM
                    • Just FYI…. (Useful tidbits of info)

                      Stuart and all - I believe if you include the words “Music: SongXX by BandXX” in the credits, showing respectful acknowledgement of the band who made the music, your videos will remain intact on Youtube. International copyright law. That’s what a film making friend told me a few years back.

                      He also said if it is a piece that will be making someone money, then you must also get permission from the band, and in most cases, pay them. After all, it’s their livelihood and we do all tend to take music for granted.

                      Location: Port Douglas
                      09/05/23 04:22 PM
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