Wedding Registry

I thought you might like to know that I have set up a gift registry at

It is quick, easy, safe and secure to use.

The gift registry number is:

You can view the registry right now using this link:


Planning Adelaide adventures

If you are visiting Adelaide for the first time, I have put up a few things to do in the suggested activities section of this site.  As I am not familiar with Adelaide myself, I was most grateful to receive this information from Groomzilla’s sister and my very good friend Jo, as well as from the lovely Kristen, who despite being an American living in Japan, has spent more time in Adelaide visiting Thredgolds than I have. 

I am open to suggestions as well for additions to this section of the site.  Of if you have a request, let me ask an Adelaide local research it and I will put up the information. 

Note to those needing accommodation..  don’t dilly dally as the Tour Down Under is on the week after the wedding and accommodation will get scarce as all the cyclists and lycra’d bottom pervers roll into town.  Drop me a note so I can get you in on our special deal or feel free to make your own arrangements.  See the accommodation section for details. 


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Adelaide Details live

This blog post is just to let you all know that the wedding site now has all the Adelaide information updated and live.

Lots of things to see and do.  But am open to suggestions for additions, changes etc. 


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Diary Date

We now have a date for Adelaide wedding. 

10 January 2010

I have just realised that this is kinda like a palindrome. 

10 - 1 - 10

Am thinking this date bodes well.

So put it in your diaries and start sorting out your travel arrangements if you are planning on coming.  We will be blocking off a number of rooms in an apartment hotel for interstate and international visitors, so if you could give me an indication that you are even *thinking* of coming, I will make sure there are enough rooms. 

Just drop me a comment here or to our normal email.


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October?  August?  January 2010?

Bum poo wee!!!

Groomzilla was required to sign a new work contract this week. 

What does this have to do with the Australian wedding plans?

It means that he is not able to take holidays for another 6 months.  Which means that the Australian wedding needs to be pushed back.  We are now looking at January 2010 for Adelaide.  Perhaps around the 10th.

Will update with more as soon as we have something firm.  Sorry for the confusion. 


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From Stuart

Fantastic YouTube Video he put together from his snaps yesterday.

OK - try this link.

Thanks Stu


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View day after

Woke up to this view from hotel suite.  We dont want to leave here.


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Sleep time

“Get your gear off babe!”

@ Imperial Hotel
They gave us an upgrade to a suite.  Nice!
But goodnight all. We have had a wonderful day.


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happy bride

mark r


In taxi
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