Ashley and Tracey 2009

Hopefully you have found this site as you are planning to share in the wedding celebrations for Ashley and Tracey in 2009.

We are planning a multi-country,  multi-city,  multi-venue extravaganza as one party is never enough in our opinion.

Already we have family and friends flying in from many different places so to keep ourselves and our guests up to date, we are keeping everything together on this site.  Please click on the various sections or just keep an eye on the blog for updates. 


Tokyo extravaganza has been and gone. ‘Twas a super fun time. 

Photos up soon. 


Date for Adelaide set.  Please see blog for details.

Not much here right now as still in the very early planning stages (read nothing really done yet as mundane things like work are taking up too much time).

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Updates from both Bridezilla and Groomzilla on useful and not-so-useful stuff.  Leave us love notes and comments but spammers be warned - you will be ejected with prejudice.

Wedding Registry

Planning Adelaide adventures

Adelaide Details live

Diary Date

October?  August?  January 2010?

From Stuart

View day after

Sleep time


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